Buying and selling heating oil and pellets

Our independent online digital platform is available to buyers and suppliers of heating oil and pellets in Belgium.

Data supply

We supply real time data on prices, services and offers in the 15,000 service stations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.


We offer advertising space on the CARBU.COM site, with its community of committed users.


Data supplythe reference point for fuel prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg 

Fuel Media Service supplies national or local data on fuel prices and service stations. Our offer is aimed at professionals for the compilation of statistics, strategic analysis, modelling and the enrichment of embedded services and services to users. 

The data are collected daily from 15,800 stations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Our clients are:  

  • Mobility professionals: navigation systems, navigation assistants, carmakers and applications…  
  • Marketing, statistical and benchmarking services. 

Data types:  
fuel pricesfuel types and additives available (petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, hydrogenAdBlue etc.), electric recharge pointsaddress, location, GPS positionname of person in chargeconsumer- and car-related services, type of station etc. 

Sourcing method: 

  • Data provided by oil suppliers and service station owners 
  • Government data flows (if any) 
  • Oil suppliers’ or service station owners’ websites 
  • Information from our data clients (GPS, carmakers etc.) 
  • Third-party flows from our partners 
  • Community/Individual users/Mobile applications