Fuel price comparator : Your reliable source for fuel prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg

Fuel Media Service provides accurate fuel price and service station data at national and local levels. Our service is designed for professionals seeking to perform statistical studies, strategic analyses, modelling, as well as to enrich in-vehicle services and user applications.

Our data is collected daily from 15,800 stations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our clients include :

  • Mobility professionals: navigation systems, navigation assistants, car manufacturers and mobile applications
  • Marketing, statistics and benchmarking services

Data provided:

  • Fuel prices, fuel types and additives available (petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, hydrogen, AdBlue, etc.)
  • Electric charging points, address, location, GPS coordinates, name of manager
  • Consumer and car-related services, classification of service stations

Data sources :

  • Information provided by oil companies and service station operators
  • Government feeds (if available)
  • Websites of oil companies or service station operators
  • Information from our customers (GPS, car manufacturers, etc.)
  • Data feeds from our third party partners
  • Community / Individual users / Mobile applications

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