Buying and selling heating oil and pellets

Our independent online digital platform is available to buyers and suppliers of heating oil and pellets in Belgium.

Data supply

We supply real time data on prices, services and offers in the 15,000 service stations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.


We offer advertising space on the CARBU.COM site, with its community of committed users.


Advertising: making yourself known to tens of thousands of consumers

We offer you two niche media, CARBU.COM and MAZOUT.COM, for targeted campaigns aimed at a large community of committed consumers. 

Types of advertising and marketing campaigns

  • Advertising and bannering on our sites
  • Bannering in the search results
  • Advertising in transactional e-mails
  • Dedicated newsletters
  • Dedicated e-mails
  • Games and competitions on our sites and social networks


  • Consumers of fuel and related services in Belgium, France and Luxembourg
  • Consumers of heating oil and pellets in Belgium

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